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FYP – Mentor Mentee System

As we can see, more of the younger generation are becoming more attached to the internet and other modern technologies. People enjoy working and learn through internet more than physical classes/offices. Online learning/Working from home has had an increase in this past recent month due to a virus (Covid-19) spread across the world and forced students and workers to learn and work online.

It was difficult for everyone, especially students. Most of the students complained on how difficult it is to understand a certain topic. Some students find it a bit shy to ask the lecture to repeat the same topic. This system is developed for students to help other students who are in trouble of understanding a certain subject.

Currently, there are other tutor-style websites out there with many advantages and disadvantages. In our system, we will try to solve and make it have a better experience.

*Developer’s Note: This was made for my final year project, way before I learned how responsive design works. Best viewed on Desktop/Laptop.


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL


Muhammad Faisalhaziq


Oct 2020

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